A MultiProtocol Module nRF52811 BLE 5.1 is now available from Minew

Even though Minew has announced the BLE 5.1 modules have passed the test already, here is the updated news that BLE5.1 nRF52811 module with different antenna(PCB/Ceramic/u.FL) is hot selling now. Some of Minew’s esteemed customer is interested in using our BLE 5.1 module into the different scenario in asset tracking or RTLS.  A brief understanding […]

A Quick Review of NRE Cost From Minew and NBSP

Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) cost is a comprehensive range concept, which can be defined merely as the one-time cost to a new product or product improvement research, design, develop, and test. The definition of NRE cost may be different according to the countries, industries, or products. In what situations, Minew need to charge NRE cost? Firstly, […]

Domino Automatic Moving Food and Beverage on Iberia Airlines

At Gran Canaria’s Las Palmas Airport, Domino Automatic is used to load and unload goods on commercial aircraft. Domino Automatic, thanks to its tracks, stays stable on the ladder while going up and down, and therefore it can be used by anyone with a minimal knowledge of it. Stair Climbing Robot Trolley  

Domino Automatic Stair Climbing Unit – London Underground

From time to time, the worldwide screens of Piccadilly Circus need to be replaced with latest-generation models. In order to do so, it is necessary to pass through the London Underground, and the only tool accredited to carry out transport on staircases is Domino Automatic. Stair Climbing Robot Trolley  

Domino Automatic Moving Carpet Rolls on Stairs

Domino Automatic can effectively and safely transport any kind of rather unusual object, such as 4-metre long carpet rolls. Domino Automatic’s exclusive technology is highly appreciated in the Middle East, too. We doubt that this kind of transport could be possible with any other electric stair-climbing trolley, that is unless you want to forgo the […]

Domino Automatic for Moving Photocopier Machines on Spiral Staircases

Domino Automatic can be used on stairs of any shape and material, such as solid wood or delicate marble, and it can different types of loads. Thanks to its independent motors and its state-of-the-art electronic components, it can cover spiral staircases without even the slightest effort. Stair Climbing Robot Trolley