How it works

How it works

Sell Your Products Anytime, Anywhere with Our Help!

Sales and Transactions

Oz Robotics and ReSeller agree to terms

Once we agree to terms, your product listing and our marketing begin.

As a result of our paid marketing, the customer buys your product.

We release the half or full payment to you via PayPal for each order.

You ship the product to our customer directly via UPS, DHL, FedEx, or USPS.

Our customer confirms that they have received the product.

Extend your reach for additional sales, exposure, and awareness for your products, brand, and company.

How to Start - Setup Your Store, and Add Your Products in no time!

Create Your Supplier Account on Oz Robotics in few minutes!

Setup your store, and add your products with shipping fees.

Setup your store, and add your products with shipping fees.

Our paid marketing begins, and the customer buys your product.

You get paid and ship the product to the customer directly.

The customer tracks the shipment and receives the product.

Create Your Supplier Account

Click Get Started to become a vendor/supplier partner. Once submitted, validate your account with a confirmation email that you will receive. Check your spam box if you did not receive it.

Setup Your Store & Add Products

Once you receive the confirmation email, your Supplier/Vendor Account is approved. You can then log in to your Vendor Dashboard to set up your store. From the SETTINGS page, add your company logo, banner, and description. You can also start adding your product(s) from the PRODUCTS page. Check this page for the image size of your logo, banner, profile picture, and product images.

Add Shipping Fees

From your DASHBOARD, click on PRODUCTS to edit each product separately to enter their shipping fees for each country. Please do not forget to save all your work. Click here for more shipping-related questions.

Accept Orders

You will receive an email notification when there is a sale in your Oz Robotics store. From your Vendor Dashboard, click on Orders, scroll down to see Ordered Product to View Order Details, Shipping Label, Order Note, Tracking Number, and Mark Shipped options. Do not ship the product until we approve. Contact Us with any questions.

Get Paid

We will send you the payment for each sale using PayPal. You will have the customer’s shipping information on your Dashboard. Once you received the payment, you can then ship the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we list our products on Oz Robotics as well as on other companies? – Yes, this is a non-exclusive agreement

  2. Is listing free on Oz Robotics? – Yes, the Optional Selling Plan is FREE. Please see our plans here.

  3. Do you have a dealer agreement guideline? – Yes, please see the Oz Robotics Dealer Agreement Guideline

  4. What sales price should I enter for each item? –  Enter your normal retail price

  5. Find more Frequently Asked Questions.

Vendor Management

You will have a Professional Dashboard to set up and manage your own store, add your products, create coupons, view reports, configure your own shipping rates, and manage other activities.

Inventory & Orders

Suppliers can list their products from their dashboards easily. In addition, suppliers can manage their orders on the dashboard, including marking the orders as shipped, adding order notes, and even printing out shipping labels.

Store Settings & Reports

Our Suppliers/Vendors have complete control over their Oz Robotics Store. Vendors can get information about their current commissions due, paid orders, sales data, customer shipping information, and more.

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