How it works

How it works

Sell Your Products Anytime, Anywhere with Our Help

Oz Robotics is an eCommerce Technology Platform where Tech Companies add their products for us to sell worldwide. You do not pay us until your product is sold. See Partnership Plans.

Oz Robotics and ReSeller agree to terms

Once we agree on terms, your product listing and our marketing begin.

As a result of paid marketing, our customer buys your product.

We will send you the payment to your PayPal for each order for you to ship.

You ship the product to our customer directly via UPS, DHL, FedEx, or USPS.

Our customer confirms that they have received the product on time.

How to Start

Create your Vendor Account with Oz Robotics in a few minutes!

Setup your store and add your products with shipping fees.

Our paid marketing begins, and the customers buy your product.

You get paid and ship the product to our customers directly.

Our customer tracks the shipment and receives the product.

Secure Dashboard

Vendor Management

You’ll have a Private and Secure Dashboard to add your products with shipping rates, create coupons, view reports, and manage activities.

Inventory and Orders

Vendors can quickly list their products, manage their orders, mark shipped, add order notes, and even print out shipping labels.

Sales and Stats

You will have complete control over your store and see your commissions, paid orders, sales data, and customer shipping information.


  1. Can I list my products on the Oz Robotics website and other platforms simultaneously? Yes, this is a non-exclusive agreement.

  2. Is listing free with Oz Robotics? Yes, the Startup Selling Plan is FREE. Please see our plans here.

  3. Do you have a dealer agreement guideline? Yes, please see the Oz Robotics Dealer Agreement Guideline.

  4. What sales price should I enter for each product and shipping?   Enter the same retail price and shipping fees as you have on your website.

  5. Find more in Frequently Asked Questions.

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