What is an EMP

EMP stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse. Essentially, it is an intense burst of energy or electric current that follows the path of least resistance to the ground. A typical example of this would be a lightning bolt. Much more destructive, however, are two other types of EMPs: nuclear explosion or a solar storm. See the EMP Faraday Bag.

These surges are released into the magnetic field in the earth’s atmosphere called the ionosphere. As they travel downward, they create massive electrical currents searching for a path of least resistance. Power lines act as antennas, and the massive surge enters the power distribution system, destroying power grids, transformers, and dependent electrical equipment. All exposed devices will potentially be destroyed as that current passes through their circuitry.  See the EMP Faraday Bag.

What can cause an EMP?

As stated earlier, the two most destructive types of EMPs are nuclear weapons and solar storms. The detonation of a nuclear EMP would be abrupt and damaging. The technology is already there to create one of these devastating weapons explicitly designed for this purpose. If put into the wrong hands, the U.S. could face catastrophic consequences. Experts agree it’s not a matter of what if but when this will happen.

A solar storm or coronal mass ejection (CME) is also possible. This occurs when a plasma burst is ejected from the sun and enters the earth’s atmosphere. Such an event occurred in 1859. The surge was so destructive that all of the electronic components of that time were affected. Compared to today, this was very minimal, but with the electrical dependency, we now have, a CME could be devastating.

How could an EMP affect me?

In either of the scenarios stated above, electrical power would be lost for months. Widespread panic would quickly cause shortages in food. Travel would come to a standstill, as vehicles and aircraft with electric panels would no longer be serviceable. In addition to this, many unprotected electronics will be destroyed as the magnetic surge passes through their circuitry. This includes laptops, cellphones, radios, hard drives, and key fobs. In addition, all data could be erased, rendering them useless. See the EMP Faraday Bag.

What can I do to prepare myself for an EMP?

Some of the effects of an EMP would be unavoidable; however, there is a way to protect your essential electronics. Faraday Defense is proud to introduce the NX3 Faraday Bag. The bag has three layers of our CYBER fabric, guaranteeing complete protection against an EMP. In addition, the bags come in various convenient sizes, safeguarding your electronics from a destructive surge. A generator is also significant for charging your devices and providing electricity to your home. Other essentials are food, medicine, sanitary items, flashlights, batteries, and a two-way radio. Having these items and your electronics safely guarded in your NX3 Faraday bags will empower you and your family to face the devastating consequences of an EMP.

What is unique about the NX/NX3 Faraday Bag?

The new NX3 Faraday bag, unlike anything available in the past, offers 100% protection against an EMP. The bag is designed with three layers of our technical, metal-plated CYBER fabric, containing nickel and copper shielding elements. The bag also features a double, fold-over velcro seal for enhanced blocking. Each layer of fabric is four mils thick, giving a total thickness of 12 mils, resulting in unsurpassed protection and durability. In addition, due to nickel plating, the fabric offers superior tarnish and corrosion resistance. See the EMP Faraday Bag.

The NX3 Faraday Bags are multipurpose. Not only do they give EMP protection, but they also provide excellent EMF protection. The bags block cell towers, GPS, RFID, Bluetooth, and WIFI. In addition, they dissipate signals from exterior and interior sources, effectively blocking communication of signals to and from your device with 85-90dB attenuation.

With such unsurpassed performance, the NX3 Faraday Bag is suitable for countless users and functions, including military, police departments, forensic investigators, government and executive travel, personal data security, signal isolation, EMF reduction, and EMP protection. See the EMP Faraday Bag.

The NX3 Faraday bag is in various convenient sizes for all your electronic devices, including phones, laptops, and radios. The bags are also sold in cost-saving kits formulated to ensure optimum protection. Sizes offered (in inches) include 5×7 (Phones), 8×10 (Tablets), 12×18 (Laptops), 16×20 (Radios), and 18×28 (Solar panels). Of course, the bags can also be used for other purposes, but these are just some examples of the items they protect.

Faraday Defense is also offering the NX Faraday Bag to complement this line. Like the NX3, this bag reduces EMF and protects against an EMP. The NX comprises one layer of the CYBER fabric vs. three layers in the NX3. Even with one layer, the NX Faraday bag acts as an excellent shield and still surpasses the quality of most bags marketed. See the EMP Faraday Bag.

Once I’ve taken precautions, what should I do in case of an EMP?

If an EMP hits our country, you need to know what to do first. Do not immediately open all of your bags. The enemy could issue a second, more devastating attack a few days later. Instead, consider opening one bag with fewer essential items, if necessary, and leaving the most valuable items sealed in the other bags for a time. When necessary, hook up your generator and start communication with your radio. Experts say 70-90% of Americans could die within the first 12-18 months of an EMP attack due to our dependency on electricity and the resulting shortage of water, food, sanitary items, and medical supplies. With these tips, you can do your part to help prevent devastation such as this from harming you and your family.