Analysis and Control

Analysis and Control of the Chaotic Behavior in a Multi-Cell DC/DC Buck Converter by Nova Science Publishers

Nova Publishers (i.e., Nova Science Publishers) publishes several books yearly on information technology, electronics, robotics, and other technology fields. One such book is “Analysis and Control of the Chaotic Behavior in a Multi-Cell DC/DC Buck Converter,” published in 2018. This book by Karama Koubaâand, published by Nova Publishers, is written for researchers in chaos control, power electronics, and automatic control and industrial people interested in power electronics, especially multi-cell converters.

Regarding the author, Karama Koubaâ received her degree in Electrical Engineering and then her Masters’s in Automation and Control from the National Engineering School of Sfax, respectively, in 2008 and 2009. She obtained her Ph.D. in the Control of Power Electrical Systems and the Analysis of their Chaotic Behavior from the University of Sfax in 2013. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor at the Higher Institute of Computer Science and Multimedia of Gabes and a researcher in the Control and Energy Management Laboratory of the Engineering School of Sfax.

Her research interests include chaos control and bifurcation analysis, mainly for power electronic circuits. Keywords for this book published by Nova Publishers include multi-cell DC/DC buck converter, discrete-time model, chaotic behavior, bifurcations, strange phenomena, and windup phenomenon.

Source: Nova Science Publishers