Augmented Reality Glasses

Augmented Reality Technology Offers Endless Possibilities with Hands-Free Mobile Computing

ThirdEye RemoteEye – Hands-free mobile computing with endless possibilities. Ruggedized Military-based Technology for the Commercial and Consumer Worlds. A straight-out-of-the-box solution.

Hands-Free See-What-I-See

Livestream what the X2 Mixed Reality Glasses user sees to a remote expert. It is possible to stream device to device or device to the web. The powerful X Series 13-megapixel camera provides a clean and HD view.

Live AR Communication

Give instructions and assistance through the remote help platform with live point-of-view audio and video communication as if you are beside the X2 MR Glasses user. Give your employees the tools they need to perform at the highest level.

Screenshot & Annotate Life

Screenshot and annotate to provide help and guidance for your field worker. Save all recordings/screenshots into our secure database for future reference.

CAD Model

Generate a CAD model of whatever you are looking at through the X2 Mixed Reality Glasses quickly and with exceptional accuracy and connect to your existing infrastructure.

Real World Visualization

Overlay onto the real world to visualize your blueprint designs and concepts in 3D at a real-world location. Import a CAD design directly from your database. Get instant feedback from clients and stakeholders about your project.

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