Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality Technology cost-free Software Platform Availability has been Extended

Over the next few months, ThirdEye will continue offering free software access to our remote assistance platform (RemoteEye) and our other software platforms for healthcare and field service! Purpose-built to create team cohesion among a remote workforce, RemoteEye allows teams to stay connected in new ways with an AR-enable platform. In this issue of ThirdEye’s weekly updates, we share valuable information about our cost-free software and our upcoming military technology event.

With ThirdEye’s expertise in augmented reality technology and long experience in developing solutions for the Department of Defense, military and other law enforcement units are transforming the future of public safety. While the outside public cannot attend ETI’s Tech-Palooza, discover how ThirdEye’s technology influences military and police work to reduce errors, create better collaboration, and save more lives.

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