Make Your Product Images SEO Friendly

Photos and product images are very important for your products in your store. They make your product more vivid and can contribute great visibility into the Organic Search Engine Optimization on your product page for all Search Engines. Before you upload your product images, you can start optimizing them by resizing them correctly with English Names, Titles and use an Alt Text for each. This will definitely make your images contribute to your product rankings on all search engines. Nevertheless, it will improve the accessibility and UX in your products for customer satisfaction.

Use right images for the best internet experience

When you optimize a product image, make it maximum 640 pixel wide, this will help download speed on all devices and internet connections regardless of their speeds. A well-optimized product image also has the right name and alt text, will optimized your product for the best search engines experience.

More Visibility on Social Media

Well optimized right images, when added with a certain consideration, will help potential buyers understand your product much better. “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Good quality images with 640 pixel wide simply make your products on social media posts more enticing for sure.

A very simple recommendation: Add images to every product you list online. They’ll make it more appealing.

Finding the right image

Add your own product image, please do so. Your products needs pictures of your work. Your products needs an image titles and saved with the same subject as your product. If you would use an image just to use an image and expect a green result, you are doing it all wrong. The product image should be the reflection of the product. If this product called “Smart Watch for Kids” the images for this product should be saved as: Smart Watch for Kids.

There is a simple reason for that: A product image that is titled by related text, ranks better for the keyword it is optimized for.