Adeept New Ultimate Starter Learning Kit for Raspberry Pi Python ADXL345 GPIO Cable DC Motor


This kit is attractive if you want to learn the basics of electronics and Linux programming. We believe that with this hardware + software support, you can become an expert programmer (developer) very soon. So do not waste your time; just get this kit, and start your project immediately! A detailed user manual/guidebook(PDF) with 26 lessons and two version codes (Python and C) is provided; it is easy for you to learn Raspberry Pi and C and Python programming.

Adeept New Ultimate Starter Learning Kit for Raspberry Pi Python ADXL345 GPIO Cable DC Motor

This is an Ultimate Starter Leaning Kit for Raspberry Pi. It is a more comprehensive kit than our other Raspberry Pi Kits; this kit contains more than 50 different electronic components, and more than 180 components are included. With this kit, we will take you from knowing to utilizing, you can do more experiments and get your more idea into real action without the restriction of hardware and software, and we have carefully prepared a guide book (guide book of PDF) and supporting experimental code routine for you, including a total of 26 experiments.


A detailed user manual/guidebook(PDF) with 26 lessons and two version codes (Python and C) is provided; it is easy for you to learn Raspberry Pi and C&& Python programming. There is a USB flash drive in the product box, all the files were pre-stored in the USB flash drive inside, or you can send an email to us with the title “require files for RPi Ultimate kit” to obtain all the files(PDF guidebook, C && Python code, circuit diagram, datasheets, etc.)

  • Quick-responding technical support for free.
  • Pretty project box, and it is a wonderful gift for children.
  • The Raspberry Pi is not included.


  • About the Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Pin Numbering Introduction
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO Library Introduction
  • How to use the wiringPi and the RPi.GPIO
  • Lesson 1 Blinking LED
  • Lesson 2 Active Buzzer
  • Lesson 3 Passive Buzzer
  • Lesson 4 Controlling an LED with a button
  • Lesson 5 Relay
  • Lesson 6 LED Flowing Lights
  • Lesson 7 Breathing LED
  • Lesson 8 Controlling an RGB LED with PWM
  • Lesson 9 7-segment display
  • Lesson 10 4-digit 7-segment display
  • Lesson 11 LCD1602
  • Lesson 12 A Simple Voltmeter
  • Lesson 13 Matrix Keyboard
  • Lesson 14 Measure the distance
  • Lesson 15 Temperature & Humidity Sensor—DHT-11
  • Lesson 16 Dot-matrix display
  • Lesson 17 Photoresistor
  • Lesson 18 Thermistor
  • Lesson 19 LED Bar Graph
  • Lesson 20 Controlling an LED through LAN
  • Lesson 21 Movement Detection Based on PIR
  • Lesson 22 DC Motor
  • Lesson 23 How to control a servo
  • Lesson 24 How to control a stepper motor
  • Lesson 25 How to use the acceleration sensor ADXL345
  • Lesson 26 PS2 Joystick

Package List

  • 1x Triaxial Accelerometer Sensor Module (ADXL345)
  • 1x DHT-11(Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor)
  • 1x Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module
  • 1x PIR Movement Sensor
  • 1x PS2 Joystick Module
  • 1x LCD1602
  • 1x Servo
  • 1x Stepper Motor
  • 1x Stepper Motor Driver Module (Based on ULN2003A)
  • 1x ADC0832
  • 1x L9110 motor driver
  • 1x DC Motor
  • 1x 4*4 Matrix Keyboard
  • 1x Breadboard Power Supply Module
  • 1x 40 pin GPIO Extension Board
  • 1x 40 pin GPIO Cable
  • 2x Light Sensor (Photoresistor)
  • 2x Analog Temperature Sensor (Thermistor)
  • 1x Relay
  • 1x Active Buzzer
  • 1x Passive Buzzer
  • 1x 7-Segment Display
  • 1x 4-bit 7-segment Display
  • 1x LED Bar Graph Display
  • 1x Dot-matrix Display
  • 2x 74HC595
  • 2x Switch
  • 1x RGB LED
  • 8x Red LED
  • 4x Green LED
  • 4x Yellow LED
  • 4x Blue LED
  • 4x Button (large)
  • 5x Button (small)
  • 1x Button cap (red)
  • 1x Button cap (white)
  • 2x Button cap (blue)
  • 16x Resistor (220Ohm)
  • 10x Resistor (1k Ohm)
  • 10x Resistor (10k Ohm)
  • 2x Potentiometer (10K Ohm)
  • 5x Capacitor (104)
  • 4x Capacitor (10 microfarad)
  • 2x 1N4148 Diode
  • 2x 1N4001 Diode
  • 4x NPN Transistor (8050)
  • 4x PNP Transistor (8550)
  • 1x Breadboard
  • 40x Male to Male Jumper Wires
  • 20x Male to Female Jumper Wires
  • 20x Female to Female Jumper Wires
  • 1x Header (40pin)
  • 1x Band Resistor Card
  • 1x Project Box


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