Automatic Chicken Coop Door


This Automatic Chicken Coop Door is excellent construction. The wood design helps insulate the coop and preserves a professional look.

Automatic Chicken Coop Door

For “Automatic” operation, a timer operates this Chicken Coop Door. The timer can easily be unplugged to use any other controller for operating the door. The Automatic Chicken Coop Door is constructed from thick, high-quality lumber. The sliding door is treated with linseed oil. All doors are hand-crafted in the USA. The chicken door is designed to fit between 16″ center studs (standard for most construction).

  • This Automatic Chicken Coop Door is excellent construction. The wood design helps insulate the coop and preserves a professional look.
  • In a power outage, this auto chicken door can be manually opened by a person.
  • Comes with FREE Timer for “automatic operation,” 1-year motor manufacturer warranty.
  • All assembly hardware, door cutout template, power cord, & instructions are included with this purchase.

Technical Specifications

The specs of the door are 40 ½ in tall, and the width fits in between 16in center studs (14 1/8in wide), and it fits inside a 2×4 frame. The opening for the door 13 ¼W x 16 ¾H must be exact to prevent weather or anything else from getting through. To help with this, we send the door with a cardboard template to help cut the perfect hole for the door. You will also need to remember to have a power source run to the door as well.

You will also need to remember to have a power source run to the Automatic Chicken Coop Door. The motor is 120v 60herts 19watts.
Other places charge Over $250 for a Chicken Coop Door that isn’t nearly as well built as this one, but we won’t change that here.

Mounting Hardware Instructions:

  1. Easy installation
  2. Stops predators
  3. You can start sleeping in & stay out late knowing your chickens are safe.


  1. Door
  2. Motor
  3. Power Cord
  4. Timer

You can either choose to solder your connections, use F1/F2 female terminal connectors, or small alligator clips to fasten each connection. Terminal connectors are recommended for a longer-lasting install but not required for operation. *The items should be up on a shelf, inside a housing, or covered to keep out of reach of your poultry.

Power Cord Preparation: You can cut the motor power cord nearest the square adapter end and the ends stripped to attach the alligator clips or terminal ends to the cord. Positive and negative are not marked on the motor, so you will plug in the motor and touch the stripped wire ends to the battery terminals using trial and error. The motor should run then stop when reaching the limit flip switch.

If the motor continues to run after the switch is flipped, the power (positive and negative) is backward. It’s recommended to put a piece of tape on your positive wire so it’s easier to distinguish in the future.

Timer Hookup: You will want to use the timer’s instructions diagram to connect the motor to the timer/battery. Essentially (start looking at the back of the timer with the terminals facing down) on the right timer terminal working left <= you will have your batteries positive wire connect to the far right terminal.

This wire will then split off the same terminal and connect 2nd to the last terminal on the left side. This will be your hot leads into the Battery Battery Solar Panel Timer Motor timer. The second terminal on the right (to the left of your right positive terminal) will be for your battery’s negative wire to the battery. Your Motors negative wire can connect to this same wire. Finally, the far left terminal will be your positive motor power cord wire.

Timer Setup: When programming the timer, you will find you can set a different schedule for every day or the same for all days (It’s recommended to use the same times for every day so the poultry can be on a consistent schedule). Be sure to read over the timer instructions for a better understanding of how to use the timer. To set up the timer, you will need two (2) on & off times per day. Example: 7AM (ON) 7:05AM (OFF), Closing- 8PM (ON) 8:05PM (OFF).

Solar Panel Hookup: Essentially, the solar panel works like a trickle charger to keep the battery charged throughout the day without overcharging it and requiring a solar panel regulator. Connect the positive and negatives to their respected terminals on the battery directly. If you are not using a solar panel, you can bring the motor out of the coop periodically to fully charge it. Be sure your solar panel is located in an area (window etc.) where it will receive the most sunlight possible.

If you notice your door not opening after an extended period of use, it is most likely due to a lack of sunlight to charge the battery. Its recommended bringing the battery in to fully charge, then return it to the coop and find a better placement for the solar panel. If the battery is fully dead, it may take up to 1-2 days for the battery to charge up enough to operate the door.

This is why we recommend taking the battery out to charge it fully then return it for troubleshooting. The motor is designed to shut itself off after use, so it’s not draining power throughout the day. So it requires very little energy to operate. *If you require additional assistance, please reach out to us directly. Feel free to include photos or short videos for a better description.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 16 × 6 in


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If you have any questions with regards to this product, please ask us here. This will include the product link automatically.

    Interested in your automatic chicken coop door assembly. The only issue is I don’t have 120v supply on the farm in the field. Can this be made to work with a dc operated motor w/ solar/battery backup. We have a YouTube page for our farm and would love to help share your product. Let me know thanks. The Ramos Family Farm
  1. 0 votes
    Q Interested in your automatic chicken coop door assembly. The only issue is I don’t have 120v supp...... Read more
    Asked by Raul Ramos
    Answered by Oz Robotics

    Hi Raul, yes, Here is the solar/battery instructions one of our sellers sends with their solar kits for your reference. You will only need a 12V battery (recommend 8AH or higher), 12V DC timer, 12V solar panel trickle charger. Or if you don’t want a solar panel get a second 12V battery to charge in-house and swap them out every few months. NO AC to DC converters. Simply splice the end f the provided power cord and connect directly to your DC timer as per the included directions.

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