Pressure Sensor Based on Pico W


SB Components Raspberry Pi Pico Pressure Sensor Board, SPI Interface MPXV5010DP Sensor Air & Liquid, Silicon Pressure Sensor, based on Pico W loaded with 1.3” LCD & 5-way Joystick.

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Pressure Sensor Based on Pico W

The pressure Sensor Board for Pico W has NXP’s MPXV5010DP sensor, an integrated on-chip silicon pressure sensor that is signal-conditioned, temperature compensated, and calibrated. Two axial ports are included in the Pressure Sensor Board for Pico to allow industrial-grade tubing. The sensor’s maximum error rate between 0 and 85 degrees Celsius is 5.0%. It communicates with the target microcontroller over the SPI interface (CS, SCK, MISO).

The pressure Sensor Board for Pico is made to compare two pressure readings. For instance, it takes the difference in gas pressure in a flow tube with different diameters.

The key features include the following:

  • 0% Maximum Error over 0° to 85°C
  • Ideally Suited for Microprocessor or Microcontroller-Based Systems
  • Durable Epoxy Unibody and Thermoplastic (PPS) Surface Mount Package
  • Temperature Compensated over -40° to +125°C
  • Patented Silicon Shear Stress-Strain Gauge
  • Available in Differential and Gauge Configurations
  • Available in Surface Mount (SMT) or Through-hole (DIP) Configurations

MPXV5010DP sensor:

Modern monolithic silicon pressure sensors, the MPXV5010DP piezoresistive transducers, are especially well suited for applications requiring a microcontroller or microprocessor with A/D inputs. This transducer uses thin-film metallization, bipolar processing, and advanced micromachining techniques to provide a precise, high-level analog output signal proportional to the applied pressure. In addition, industrial-grade tubing can now be accommodated in the axial port.

Raspberry Pi Pico W

Raspberry Pi Pico W is designed to be a low-cost yet flexible development platform for RP2040, with a 2.4GHz wireless interface and the following key features:

  • RP2040 microcontroller with 2MB of flash memory
  • Dual-core cortex M0+ at up to 133MHz
  • On-board single-band 2.4GHz wireless interfaces (802.11n)
  • Micro USB B port for power and data (and for reprogramming the flash)
  • 40-pin 21mm×51mm ‘DIP’ style 1mm thick PCB with 0.1″ through-hole pins also with edge castellations
  • 3-pin Arm serial wire debug (SWD) port
  • Simple yet highly flexible power supply architecture ◦ Various options for easily powering the unit from micro USB, external supplies, or batteries
  • High quality, low cost, high availability
  • Comprehensive SDK, software examples, and documentation
  • 264kB multi-bank high-performance SRAM
  • External Quad-SPI flash with eXecute In Place (XIP) and 16kB on-chip cache
  • High-performance full-crossbar bus fabric
  • Onboard USB1.1 (device or host)
  • 30 multi-function general purpose I/O (four can be used for ADC)
  • 12-bit 500ksps analog to digital converter (ADC)
  • Various digital peripherals ◦ 2 × UART, 2 × I2C, 2 × SPI, 16 × PWM channels
  • 2 × programmable I/O (PIO) blocks and eight state machines in total
  • 1.3″ Square LCD

The Pressure Sensor Board for Pico has an onboard 1.3″ Square shaped LCD with a 240 x 240 pixels resolution. The most unusual aspect of the display is its capacity to read back the display memory across the bi-directional data lines. This fixes a significant problem with most screens: the need for a lot of RAM to create effects like transparency or overlapping windows.

Key features are:

  • 240 x 240 pixels resolution
  • IPS Display Panel
  • ST7786 Driver
  • SPI Interface

The board also has a fully programmable buzzer which is also multi-tune. It plays up to 5 different tunes, and the users can set separate tunes for different actions.

5-way Joystick
The Joystick has 5-way operations and moves the data/display to the right, left, up, down, and select.

Additional GPIOs
These additional GPIOs are programmable by the users and can provide great ease of accessing other peripheral devices.


  • Hospital Beds
  •  HVAC
  • Respiratory Systems
  • Process Control
  • Washing Machine Water Level Measurement (Reference AN1950) Ideally Suited for Microprocessor or Microcontroller-Based Systems
  • Appliance Liquid Level and Pressure Measurement

Kit Content:

  •  1 x Pressure Sensor Based on Pico W

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