FAQs for Suppliers

FAQs for Suppliers

Can I disable my sales to a specific country or continent without disabling international or local shipping?

Yes, from your Vendor Dashboard > Settings > Shipping, you will need to select the Table Rate Shipping option. Under the Setting > Shipping or within the product page, do not add a country or continent with a shipping fee that you do not want to sell to; this way, a customer from such country or continent will not be able to purchase your product.

If you no longer want to ship to a specific continent or country, delete that row from the shipping list and click on the SAVE CHANGES button to update your list.

How to Add Variations

Variable products let you offer a set of variations on a product, with control over prices, stock, image, and more for each variation. They can be used for a product with options, sizes, colors, etc. To add a variation, please see the steps below.

To add a variable product, create a new product, or edit an existing one.

Add Attributes to Use for Variations

In the Attributes section, add attributes before creating variations.

Custom Attributes

To add a new attribute specific to this product:

  1. If your Product is saved as Simple Product, switch to Variable Product.
  2. First, create a new attribute or choose an available one that has already been created, e.g., Size, Color Options, etc. and click on Add.
  3. Ensure the Visible on the product page AND used for variations are checked
  4. From Value(s): choose the option/value
  5. Click on the Add button and enter a name for the new attribute term
  6. And follow the next step to complete your entry
How to Add or Change my Store Logo

Login to your Dashboard, click on Settings, and then Branding to edit there.

How to Add or Change my Store Banner

Login to your Dashboard, click on Settings, and then Branding to edit there.

How to manage stock in Variations to mark In Stock or Out of Stock

Within the product page, after clicking on Variations, click on the variation, checkmark the “Manage Stock?” option, select In Stock or Out of Stock from the drop-down menu under “Stock Status“, and save your changes.

Oz Robotics Business Model

We partner with companies to sell their products to Businesses, Schools, and Enthusiasts. Our business is based on the Direct-to-Consumer model to avoid multiple channels between manufacturers and consumers to help you sell more and retain control over your brand before and after-sales. Reach out to millions of new customers worldwide! Increase your sales and exposure online.

What is Cross-Sells
What is Upsells
How to Copy and Paste your Product Content Correctly

If you are going to copy your product content from your website and paste it into Oz Robotics, then copy and paste it into the TEXT mode first. This way, the backend HTML code, and Tags will not be copied to our website. Then click on the VISUAL mode to ensure your product page looks good on Oz Robotics. Finally, you can add product images between paragraphs to make your product stand out. If you copy and paste into the VISUAL mode directly, please do CTRL + A to select all and click on the Clear Formatting icon to clear codes and tags copied over.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at partners@ozrobotics.com if you need help.

How to add product images to my product?

Your Product Images: Please do not copy and paste your product images from your website to Oz Robotics. Instead, save your product images in English and upload them to Oz Robotics from your Dashboard > Products. And your product images should not have your website URL on them.

Use both Text and Images: Add your products with relevant images and text content. Because Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all other Search Engines cannot show your products on the Internet from images only. Instead, use both text and images to increase sales with good search results.

  • Google excludes products from their Search Algorithms that do not have a description: Enter a description to tell buyers about your products with their features, specifications, and mages. A detailed description will help Google and other Search Engines show your products to customers.
  • Product Warranty: Please add your Product Warranty at the bottom of each product page for buyers to see it.
  • What’s Included: Please add What’s Included at the bottom of each product page for customers to know what they will get.

Thank you for doing business with Oz Robotics